It’s 2022 — The Year of the Shitlib.

I’ve officially been deemed a “shitlib” by the same crowd who called me a right-winger for years — now you all get to read a rant about it (or not).

Aly Alexandra
21 min readJul 9, 2022


Well — he’s either a RINO in-hiding to trick Conservatives into voting for the Republican establishment, or we’re so beyond conditioning that people really will believe Ron DeSantis will somehow clean up the endless mess that never gets cleaned up. Long story short — if you’re getting hot on DeSantis these days, I’m not over here suggesting that you vote for Biden. That conversation is below my pay grade at this point, so let’s go a little bit more in depth so you can see what I mean. It’s long-winded and a bit cocky, but hey — I gotta call it like I see it. Just because Ron DeSantis was “good on Covid” doesn’t mean he’s going to be “better than Biden.” I thought you guys said electoral politics didn’t matter because it was all fake and corrupt? Or is that only when it’s one group? Some people might not understand — and that’s one thing. But it’s quite enough when you DO know better — and continue to parrot more nonsense. I predicted that people’s moves would start to become more apparent once the Covid narrative died down — so it’s been interesting to watch various creators scatter like roaches into their next constructed narrative. Harsh, maybe — but I’m just over here observing.

Just like I predicted, 2022 would be the year that I was, once again, called a “Shitlib” after daring to say that many of the ex-Bernie/still-clinging-onto-Tulsi crowd was, in fact, fodder for the Steve Bannon’s of the word. Not only did the pandemic expose and solidify the growing rift within the “left” aka the Democrat Party in the United States — it accelerated it. In all honesty, I fell into this space from a more libertarian-esque place. That’s right. Am I regretting that now? Of course — I had no real understanding of the libertarian ideology in terms of how they actually accelerated a lot of the decentralization and crypto movements, nor did I understand how they, or even the “Constitutional Conservatives” actually had, for the most part, minimal integrity in terms of discussing the Constitution in an honest way (more on that another time).

I’ve been watching and waiting for more and more to come out in favor of Ron DeSantis for the next election. I have no idea if the man has even suggested he would run — and I can’t even say I blame the average person. I mean — the Biden Administration and the carefully designed “progressive” wokeness surrounding it, all by design, looks absolutely pathetic — just as it was intended to. I’ve been saying this for awhile now and Sebs and I talk about it frequently (not out here saying I’m the only one, by the way — I know many of you can also read the tea laves from afar) — but they surely had an idea that the “establishment” was going to be destroyed regardless. Bring in the geriatric “establishment” president after the horror that was Trump, bring in the calm, and all would be well. Except — not! Why? Well, you know, the neoliberal world order just isn’t what’s working anymore. Everyone just suddenly got on board with that? HA! What a joke. Look at all that Trump accomplished (under the radar because everyone was crying about Russiagate and such) — but there was a lot of dismantling and deregulating under the Trump era. He was God’s gift to venture capitalism and biotech, among many, many other industries. It’s the end of the establishment era — welcome to decentralization and privatized, personalized rule of law. Having fun yet? They’ll make sure you don’t realize it until after the Theocrats have completely taken hold — but go ahead and tell me one more time about how a vote for the Democrats is equivalent to voting for your own death when you could say the SAME thing about the Republicans. For the people who are always crying about how badly they hate electoral politics, it’s hilarious to see someone like Kim Iversen and her ilk declare that they’re voting straight Republican. You get that you’re stanning for Steve Bannon…right? Like, his whole idea was to go after both the populist right AND LEFT? This isn’t a shot at Kim Iversen, personally, by the way — just her talking points. You guys can’t be surprised that you get called “fash-adjacent” at this point, and I’m just trying to let you all know from an outside point of view. I have no dog in this fight.

I’m not afraid to admit that I truly felt that the less government interference in everyone’s lives, the better. After all, the disappointments of the Obama Administration (which, at the time, were his actions abroad with drone strikes — important, but I was also quite naive about how the world really works when it comes to politicians). Before I go into this any further — let me make my original point: told you so. Sorry — I had to. I didn’t expect it to work out exactly like this, but I’ve been calling it for years. The Conservatives — meaning, the political players in the game and the strategists who help them and the influencers who parrot them — are finally dismantling that administrative state they’ve been gunning for, just like Steve Bannon wanted. I’ve been saying this over and over again — they’ll have you see the liberals in such a bad light, that the conservative/libertarian-type will seem like the best group of people that you’ve been “lied to” about from the mainstream media. Sigh. It’s brilliant, really. DeSantis 2024, right?

The Typical Path: Discover Democrats have lied to you, find like-minded individuals who have also been lied to, consume and repeat talking points, fall into Steve Bannon’s trap, create content about how you’re not a “right-winger,” get onto Tucker Carlson’s show, get censored — REPEAT.

If you would’ve told me to “pick one” (meaning, pick a party), between 2016–2019, I probably would’ve told you about how I moved from Obama to Ron Paul in 2011 — I stayed semi-engaged in politics until about 2014, but then completely checked out when I started working in the restaurant industry and began grad school — I didn’t have time for keeping up with the nonsense anymore, as it had no purpose to my own life as far as day-to-day goings on (or so I thought). Then 2016 happened, I got a kick out of watching Trump “OwN” Hillary Clinton (admit it, you all laughed) — and I watched in amazement as the MAGA crowd only grew louder, no matter how suppressed they claimed to have been. I was stunned at my friends who fell right back into the Bernie Sanders camp — after everything that happened, I was pretty saddened to see people go right back in to the same old trap that happened before. That’s when it hit me — way back then — I realized, the whole “populist” thing really was the unifier. I just didn’t understand the weaponization behind all of it. But it was something, I’ll admit, I frequently asked friends on both sides of the political debate. Could they not see the similarities between the two mantras within the campaigns? One was “America First!” and the other was “Us versus Them” type of thing (sorry, I don’t actually remember many of Bernie’s slogans, but you get what I mean). It was so obvious that much of the divisions between the so-called “populist” movements were not only weaponized to use against the other, but even within their own groups.

After Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, I became absolutely fascinated with the QAnon movement. I’ll admit, that rabbit hole took me into some dark places — but frankly, the whole operation was genius. I won’t get into the specifics of why that operation is just that — an op, but I highly suggest checking out John Brisson’s channel, We’ve Read The Documents and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron’s channel, The AnteDote, on Odysee or Spotify for more on the subject of QAnon and the various actors within that operation. I have to say, before I move forward, that part of the reason I’m so frustrated is that with all of the FODDER here — the fodder for analysis, scrutiny, exposure, and understanding — the “FAKE NEWS MAINSTREAM MEDIA” really did a piss poor (in my opinion) job of explaining, in plain terms, WHY Trump and Bannon, were such “threats to our democracy.” Whose democracy? The old guard? Yeah — that’s not the people. It shouldn’t be a surprise to any average Democrat living in the United States why so many people left the party. I watched it for myself like so many of you all did — we saw Brandon Straka’s “WalkAway” movement (literally, walking away from the Democrat party) — right into the arms of guys like Milo Yiannopoulos or Nick Fuentes or Gavin McInnes (founder of VICE). Frankly, I found those guys, as hideous as some of their views were, to be more entertaining and less Christofascist than the ilk that directly followed them, but if you’ve been watching them, you know what I mean. That’s not really the CURRENT path, but at the time, this was the funnel into the oh-so-scary-alt-right of the internet that the New York Times was always writing about.

The mainstream media failed to tell you the real problems within the Trump Administration in terms of the complete dismantling of the “administrative state” aka the DEEP STATE, in a sense, because it would mean exposing the rouse that is the United States in terms of how politics, bureaucracy, and the administrative bloat in this country, and in similar governments around the world. I’m not even over here stanning for the administrative state — after all, I am a recovering libertarian. I hate government red tape and bureaucracy. I’m reminded of countless discussions I’ve had with my father over the years — I think we’ve finally come to an agreement, since I now understand where his regulatory concerns were coming from. But to the untrained ear and eye, these contrarians sure know how to make a terrible thing sound…sexy (talking to you, Mr. Thiel — you too, Mr. Prince).

Moreover, the excessive, but very real, fixation on concerns around racism, sexism, and any -ism you could think of, were a recipe for disaster in the long run. Why? Not because they shouldn’t be talked about — they absolutely should. But you’d also have to be living under a rock to think that either and ANY of the official “sides” will ever talk about those things in a real way. I know there’s a whole media ecosystem of “exposing liars in the mainstream media,” but get real. There’s no incentive to talk about these issues in an honest way in both corporate and alternative media. Back to my point — the talking points by the “liberals,” generally, were a recipe for disaster, because of the people they put behind the megaphones. You had the most obnoxious, stereotypically out-of-touch, elite and elite adjacent crowd shouting from the rooftops about Donald Trump and his ilk.

What would compel the “opposition” party to think people, many of whom rejoiced in voting AGAINST Hillary Clinton, would go right back to that party after seeing the resounding NO throughout the country? I understand that the Clinton campaign attempted the “Pied Piper” strategy — and it failed. The fixation on emotional platitudes and vague “threats to our establishments and democracies” didn’t really work on the average person — they worked with people who, generally, were in comfortable positions in life. They fit the bill in terms of checking all of the boxes of the “shitlibs” we hear about today from the likes of Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore, and the rest of the alternative media ecosystem that trickles down from that crowd. Speaking of Jimmy Dore and friends — many of whom I’ve had the chance to briefly meet within the alternative media space — would’ve called me a “Right Winger” not even a year ago for saying things like “the average Trump voter probably just feels dispossessed by the government” — hence why I opened this article declaring that it was back to the days of being labeled a lib. It’s funny — I find that this crowd, the “populist left” as they’ve began to coin themselves, are so incredibly late to the anti-establishment party, that they don’t even realize they’ve fallen into the trap that was laid out back in 2015 and 2016. Take note of the media you consume, as the wonderful Alison McDowell always says — realize where you fall within the larger ecosystem. Do you notice how guys like Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate are always crying about Syria and Russiagate, but never have anything to say when it comes to the dismantling of the administrative state thanks to Trump’s hundreds of judges he appointed? I’ve gotta say — in the time that I’ve known many figures within the “dirtbag left,” I’ve never seen such a sadder state of affairs within that group: “Julian Assange is the only thing keeping us free from total control of the state! Press freedom! Ivermectin! Monoclonals! Robert Malone! RFK Jr! Down with Davos! Klaus Schwab is more of a threat to you than Vladimir Putin! NATO rules the world, China’s just doing what it is has to do! Same with Russia! Putin is based! Jimmy Dore totally gets it! The woke mob is taking over! DeSantis isn’t so bad! You’re a shitlib!” DO YOU NOT SEE HOW THIS IS ALSO PART OF ANOTHER NARRATIVE THAT’S BEING MANAGED?

I don’t mean to go off on a tangent — I know there are plenty of lovely people — some of whom I even consider friends, who have fallen down and CANNOT get up. They’re not sure how. It’s sad. Why? Well — for one (this is slightly petty, but hey, it’s my blog) — I have been saying many of these “anti-establishment” types of things for years to some people in this crowd — many of whom would not pay a single second of attention towards in terms of ideas — or they’d dismiss them as Nazi-adjacent or something insane like that. Yet right after the infamous Force the Vote — but as early as the Tulsi v. Bernie thing started, I really noticed this split within the Democrat Party. You have the anti-establishment crowd on the left, and the same thing on the right. You know who else has been watching this all happen (well — influencing, and watching)? Steven Bannon.

That’s right. Before Jimmy Dore and the rest of that ilk started telling you about the World Economic Forum and Davos being “threats to our very existence” but also, just a few months later, “not the main focus because it’s actually BILDERBERG” — sorry, you’re so, so, so, incredibly late. Steve Bannon’s been saying “Davos is dead” since at least 2013. So, congrats, JD crowd — you’re about 5 years late and you’re parroting Steve Bannon’s talking points — hating on the elites and such…that’s BEEN done. It’s almost as if there was a trap laid…and so many groups have fallen right in. Furthermore — this is more of just a long-form blog post recalling a lot of my sentiments the last few years versus anything with a ton of evidence and sources, so you’re more than welcome to do your own research to negate anything I’ve observed here. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that contradicts the general narrative here, but I could be getting a bit cocky.

Uniting the Populists

I’ll admit — I was completely oblivious to Steve Bannon’s involvement in European cultural sentiment, even as I watched the likes of influencers like Martin Sellner in Germany with AFD or officials like Matteo Salvini in Italy rise in popularity before and during the Trump Administration. I knew that Bannon’s role in the Trump Administration had merely gone “underground” — meaning, he was going to do what he was going to do, with or without the approval of Trump. Frankly, Trump was just the catalyst to solidify what had been in motion in the United States before Trump ever cascaded down that tacky escalator. I didn’t put together, at the time, that Bannon had been studying and heavily involved in the creation and influence of these right wing groups in Europe. I was studying these things in separate silos rather than in one, complete picture — so I feel that I’ve got some catching up to do when it comes to Bannon. One more note — The business class, with their own interests in a Trump presidency, enjoyed the dismantling of regulations — I’m sure many of them are partying this weekend after the recent SCOTUS ruling on the EPA, which is a recipe on how to dismantle the rest of the regulatory state in this country, but that’s for another day.

Point is — if you’ve been paying attention to the similarities between some of the Bernie-camp (they’ve generally moved over to the “Dirtbag Left/Jimmy Dore/Max Blumenthal/Kim Iversen) group and those who were newly-converted Conservatives or “reasonable populists” from the likes of Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Tim Pool — even Nick Fuentes — you’re not alone. That was the strategy…the entire time.

Don’t believe me? I highly suggest going back and watching interviews with Steve Bannon, both before and after his days with Trump, as well as his current show, The War Room, to get a better idea of what I mean. I would HIGHLY suggest watching The Brink — it came out in 2019 and it’s all about Steve Bannon. Frankly, he’s a charming SOB if you’re listening to him casually speak (and before you realize just how scary he really is) — you can see, once again, how they make these people so relatable. When you compare the more “nimble, business savvy, contrarian-types” to the old and crotchety Joe Biden types of the world, it’s not hard to see how this supposedly organic populist movement has taken hold of our media ecosystem. It’s crazy, because, once again, for years, I was saying that the Bernie crowd and Trump crowd had a lot more in common than they thought they did — same with the Ron Paul crowd that I was once a part of.

This is going to be blunt but if I hurt your feelings, it is what it is. Eventually — you have to grow up and see things AS THEY ARE, not as you wish them to be. It’s time to grow up.

I really don’t care if you’ve built your entire brand on “calling out” the Democrats. Sorry, it’s pretty mainstream at this point. Joe Rogan’s doing it. Do you think Tulsi Gabbard would be allowed on stage with Kamala Harris if she were the “real” opposition? Do you really think someone like Ron DeSantis and his woke-fighting ways are going to save you from the woes of the world? Do you really think that someone like Jimmy Dore is taking a risk by calling out the very same “censorship” that’s actually helped he and his surrounding ilk grow tenfold in the last few years? Get real! I’m not hating them from a liberal perspective — by the way — I know they’ve conditioned you to respond like that, dear reader, but guess what? There’s nuance here. When you think about it, it’s genius. Silence people by coating the VALID rebuttals to many of their arguments with labels that NO ONE wants to be called — it’s beautiful. Sadly, I’ve had to make a few apologies to some of my liberal friends lately — not because I really agree with their particular lens when it comes to this stuff — but because I did miss a lot of the things they tried to point out to me about Trump when all I wanted to do was yell at them about how they weren’t understanding the mainstream media’s lies. Both can be true at once.

What’s my larger point here?

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of things seem “accelerated” lately — really, ever since the pandemic began. After all, it wasn’t called “Operation Warp Speed” for nothing! We’re accelerating the end of the financial system as we know it — no I’m not defending fiat, so don’t you even start with that — I’m just calling out what’s been in the works for decades. Check out Sebs’ recent video on Goldman Sachs & BRICS on our channel, Doom&GloomHQ, for more on that.

As a natural contrarian — yes, I’ll say it, no matter how cringey that might sound, I can’t explain the frustration I have when I see so many people fall for this trap, over and over again. The establishment has been framed — increasingly more so in the last 5 years, as the PROBLEM. While there’s tons of validity to that — the even bigger problem is what’s set to replace the establishment. You have people like Peter Thiel and David Sacks — investors from the PayPal Mafia who have been salivating for moments like this — the decentralization era of the “old guard” — welcoming in the newer, quicker, more efficient world that we’re going to supposedly thrive in. Right. You have Erik Prince, who deserves an entirely separate article, who is looking to privatize war entirely — because you know, ending wars OFFICIALLY, for once and for all, isn’t the play — we just have to privatize them. And you have the media darling, Steve Bannon, who wanted to destroy the administrative state — and he’s been fantastic at executing this in terms of general sentiment among the people. From influencers like Jack Posobiec to Bannon’s very own podcast, the tentacles spread far and wide — even you, Candace Owens.

When you hate the establishment so much — so much that you’re willing to or don’t want to look in to the opposition side before blindly jumping in, you’re bound to miss some important information. How would I know? I observed, over the last 5–6 years, so many people — including myself for a brief period of time early on, fall into this trap. You’re blinded by your anger about being lied to by the Democrat Party (or, in some cases, the “establishment” Republican Party), that you’re willing to look past some serious concerns within your newfound group of friends in the “Freedom and Liberty” space that’s focused on “economic populism, choice, and you know…freedom from the man…man.” You’ve been duped. They want the unity between the “populists” in their “righteous anger” against the establishment. Covid was the perfect accelerator to crystalize all of this for the coming “Red Wave” in 2022.

You guys ready for DeSantis 2024?

I promise you — he will likely be positioned as the “reasonable, more likeable version of Trump.” I mean — MAYBE Trump will run, and frankly, I’m of the thought that it’s all kind of agreed upon prior to election night anyways, but I think DeSantis will look mighty fine come election season because of his lockdown policies. After all, that’s what many of these anti-establishment types are capitalizing on. Why? Technological advancements like blockchain and tokenized economies and Web 3.0 and DAO’s mean governments — your standard, run-of-the-mill governments and their bureaucratic bullshit — were ALREADY on the way out. There’s no need for in-person government services when it’ll all be tracked and taken care of digitally down the line, anyways. They’re priming you. Why do you think the Federalist, states’ first policies are becoming popular again? Half of the people cheering on the States’ rights mantra now were the same people crying about Trump not issuing more executive orders in the pandemic when it first started as far as immediate financial assistance — just saying.

This isn’t a fun position to take — especially as someone who once enjoyed the same mantras of freedom and the “real truth” that so many of you are currently basking in. Sorry — the party is over. You’re super late and you’re still missing things. I don’t mean to go so hard at that particular crowd, but the more that I’ve learned about Steve Bannon, the more I’ve realized how duped this particular crowd is. If you want to know what I mean by “this crowd” — I suggest you check out our recent video on the MINDS event, featuring your favorites like James O’Keefe, Tim Pool, and Tulsi Gabbard — all meeting up to talk about their “different perspectives” in a civil discourse. Right…because that’s not artificial at all…Ha. Check out the comments section too — it seems that we’ve really upset the Project Veritas crowd. Sebs’ also did a Part I on this series, which I’ll link below.

Again, forgive me if this is a bit lengthy and long-winded — I’m typing this on my phone from an undisclosed location far away from Chicago :) but truly — Houston, we have a problem. I mean — we’ve had a problem, but if we’re speaking in terms of STRICTLY American politics, there’s a lot of you out there who are playing right into the hands of where the direction of political discourse in this country is going. Should you question the establishment? Always. Question the status quo? Yes.

As Sebs and I frequently discuss on Doom&GloomHQ — it’s not so much WHAT you consume — it’s more about how you consume it. Take a step back and think about it — who benefits when all corporate news is deemed as fake news? (Except for Fox LOL) — it’s not you or I. It’s the people who are criticized the most in that same exact “fake news” space. The mainstream media has NEVER been fully clear, honest, or without bias. It’s juvenile to think that existed…just saying. I recently sent an article that happened to be from Politico for a reference on Peter Thiel — he immediately had a response along the likes of, “No thanks, not reading that. [Insert name here] has ties to that organization, you can’t trust them.”

No shit.

Don’t think you think that’s part of the whole plot? If you get people to believe NOTHING from one side, and everything and ANYTHING from the more “reasonable” side — who just happens to be the “libertarian-esque/contrarian/”New Age” conservative/populist” crowd, you’re golden if you play your cards right with these audiences. You think Donald Trump had pull? Check out Jimmy Dore’s channel and try to debate a point with one of his followers — you’re in for a real treat.

Again, this isn’t me coming from a liberal perspective in terms of “shaming” those who position themselves as people who speak truth to power. Not interested in that — there are plenty of other people out there doing that. This was mostly just me going on a long-winded rant of how badly I think this is all going to turn out for all of us. We’ve all been embroiled in this made up culture war that, unfortunately, is helping to accelerate the well-planned demise of the “liberal world order” — I just don’t think the contrarians and dirtbag leftists of the world have fully come to realize that yet. You have to ask yourselves, how did people who devoted themselves to The Young Turks after 2012–2013, suddenly become the “truth tellers” of the world? Sorry, I know that’s a little mean, but holy sh** — you guys wonder why people come at you from all sides? Yikes. I understand though, it’s easy to fall into these traps. I’m not even out here trying to hate on you if you find Jimmy Dore funny. He’s not really my type of comedy (I like to laugh when I’m listening to comedy), but I know he’s branded as a “man of the people” who talks to people from the “other side” — LOL. Sorry — it’s just too funny to me. You think he’s talking to people from the other side? What is the other side? Do you need a manual on how to have conversations with people who ideologically hold different views than you?

Well, that’s all for now.

This post already feels a bit incomplete because I know I’m forgetting a lot of information on the above topics — but I wanted to share a general feeling I’m having all about this. I might come off a bit cocky or arrogant, but when you’ve been deemed a liberal by both the right and the left “populist” groups (not that the label really means anything, aside from giving me a good laugh because I can predict exactly what will upset who), you know you’re onto something. This whole journey into alternative media has thrown me into some weird spaces — many of which I didn’t realize were extremely strange until long after I’d left, but when you’ve been dismissed from both sides, you end up somewhere in the abyss with others who aren’t hard pressed to pick a team and it feels natural. I don’t find myself in endless conversations with people who are trashing other creators for clout nor do I find myself strategizing just to get access to some shitty creator’s channel that everyone’s going to forget about in 10 years. Just saying it like it is — y’all know who you are. I get it, to an extent — when you feel like you’ve finally found “the truth” — you’re eager to get it out there. If nothing else, over the last few years, I’ve learned that the older I get, the less I know. I have zero problems admitting that — I wish more people would. We’re stuck in these pre-formatted silos where our reactions — good and bad — are tracked and analyzed for the next round of information to come out.

I’m not a “shitlib” for suggesting that Ron DeSantis might not be the next best thing, just because he didn’t lock down your favorite donut shop during the pandemic. TRUST ME, I was the crazy chick walking around during the first few months of the pandemic while everyone was home, simply because of the fascination I had with all of it, but if you’ve ever heard me talk on state politics, you know how much I despise JB Pritzker and everything he stands for and what he’s done for the state of Illinois. I’m no fan of the Democrats. Having said that, please, if you take nothing else away from this, I beg you, don’t fall into the most obvious trap out there right now. The podcasting world, the comedy world, the alternative media world — they’re all ushering it in, to an extent. I’m not saying you should stop listening to your favorites, but if you listen to enough of these things, you’ll pick up on the same patterns that you’ll find in the mainstream media.

I’ll be back soon to discuss The Brink, a documentary from 2019 that I mentioned above, that was all about Steve Bannon. I’m revisiting that son of a bitch because the populist movement really has taken hold — of both of the right and (now), a lot of the “left.” I’m not out here saying either side holds any legitimate power in terms of every day people fighting the man — but you should be wary of Steve Bannon leading the charge on this economic populism thing — even if it’s from within the shadows. He’s been gunning for local elections since the end of the last election cycle — state elections as well. I know that liberals have been chirping on this for awhile, it was just hard to decipher through all of the clutter.





Aly Alexandra