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Aly Alexandra
13 min readJun 21, 2022

I never can seem to get through all of the tabs I have open, but I also forget to save them in a place that I’ll even remember to look at later on. Decided I’ll just share here — if anyone has any links to drop to share, reach out or leave it here. Let me know your thoughts on any of these topics. Realize that sometimes I’m just saving a link to remind me of something else — so if you see a “MaInStrEam LiNk,” kindly spare the lecture as I’m aware of the source and have a good reason for why it’s there. Just trying to save us both time, eh? Have fun trying to follow my train of thought if you decide to go down any of these rabbit holes. PS: I highlight rabbit holes and lines that remind me of something I want to make a note on or want to point out to you.

A. The Great Transition — The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead

I’m going to drop some of the slides from last night’s show below — you can find the link to the entire episode below as well. Shoutout to Doom, aka Sebs, for finding a lot of these documents. You can find all of the sources in the descriptions of our videos, but I wanted to drop a few screen shots from some of the sources Sebs and myself have found along with the corresponding slides so you can get an idea of what the overall narrative seems to be.

Catastrophe or New Society?

Sebs Solomon — Doom&GloomHQ
Sebs Solomon — Doom&GloomHQ

I’m glad Sebs pointed out who was actually thanked in this publication — it’s quite telling, when you think about it. Before going through anything further — I just want to break something down. We have

I really wanted to emphasize their obsession with population control — as stated above. So many models — but the one highlighted, of course, covers the hypothesis of an “adequate” way of controlling “population growth is by improving basic living conditions.”

I’m also glad Sebs pointed out that this publication was essentially the “Argentine response to the Club of Rome” — even though it was quite literally thanking the Club of Rome — but I’ll leave that to all of you to interpret. Just to provide a little more context, here are a few more slides that Sebs put out on this particular body of work and why it matters in the larger picture. Lastly, I wanted to point out the Ford Foundation, and where they fit into this larger narrative.

Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &
Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &
Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &

“Across eight decades, the Ford Foundation has invested in innovative ideas, visionary individuals, and frontline institutions advancing human dignity around the world.”

Their focus areas:

  1. Civil Rights
  2. Education
  3. Arts & Culture
  4. Human Rights
  5. Poverty Reduction
  6. Urban Development

ADHD SIDENOTE THAT I FOUND ON THE FORD FOUNDATION: “A Future of Failure? The Flow of Technology Talent into Government & Civil Society — A Report” (2016)

“This report…was commissioned by the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Freedman Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm located in Washington D.C., provides high-level strategic consulting communications planning and policy development. Building upon diverse experience in politics, policy, communications, high-level marketing, and philanthropy, we advise a broad range of clients, including major foundations, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, and Fortune 500 companies.

“The Ford Foundation is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization. For more than 75 years it has worked with our courageous people on the frontlines of social change worldwide, guided by its mission to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. With headquarters in New York, the foundation has offices in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.”

2 of the Key Findings from this Report:

Inefficient Current Pipeline: “lack of individuals with technical skills in computer science, data science, and the Internet or other information technology expertise in civil society and government.

Barriers to Recruitment & Retention are Acute: Most common barriers included compensation, “inability to pursue groundbreaking work, and a culture that is averse to hiring and utilizing potentially disruptive innovators.

Now — back to the Great Transition.

If you saw our last episode on the World Economic Forum versus The World Social Forum, you’ll remember how we pointed out that the World Social Forum was created to be the “counter” to Davos. Was there an argument or discussion about the actual plans that were laid out for the global framework? Not really — but these places served as an outlet for general frustrations that stemmed from capitalism. Little did most activists within the “opposition” know that their narrative is highly controlled and just as involved, if not more, with meeting the Sustainable Development Goals — much of which stem from the precursor to the Green New Deal in the document laid out above, “Catastrophe or New Society?” If you weren’t able to check out last week’s episode, here’s a link on the WEF vs. WSF.

So sad — the party is over?

It’s interesting how the WSF — a fundamental and controlled opposing force that captured the labor movement — specifically the AFL-CIO and the ITCU — actually might be more powerful, in terms of mobilizing action on a global scale to nudge and influence the way society perceives and accepts certain things that are seen as “truths” — but the World Economic Forum is always the focus as of late. The opposition might say that their movement has been co-opted, but can one’s movement really be co-opted if it was designed to operate as such from the start?

Sidenote: If you’re lost, apologies — but this is the way my brain can make sense of certain issues — it’s all laid out quite clearly in both of our Doom&Gloom episodes if you want to understand the full picture.

The Great Transition Initiative

Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &
Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &

When these people play scenarios out — they’re not just doing it for fun and games. I mean, they may be doing various experiments to get certain results that they’d like to justify a global program or action — but typically, there’s a very specific reason for carrying out scenarios. My question is — why is the “opposition force” to the World Economic Forum, working with the very same people who likely attend and mingle with the same crowd that IS the WEF? Below — Sebs pointed out that the “Great Transition” acknowledgements include the following:

Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &

Nippon Foundation’s Mission Statement is quite interesting (important to note that they renamed themselves as the Nippon Foundation in 2011. They started in the 50s’ but did not get involved in “social good works” projects until the 1970s, so the timing makes sense — here’s a snippet from their site:

“Our mission is social innovation. Through this innovation we aim to achieve a society where all people support one another, reducing the burdens and challenges they face together. Everyone has a role to play: citizens, corporations, nonprofit organizations, governments, and international bodies. The Nippon Foundation serves as a hub for the world’s wisdom, experience, and human resources, giving individuals the capacity to change society — the hope that they can make a difference. Our goal is to give all of humanity a chance to participate our future,” — sure, but that’s the future that most of us had no say in coming up with…just sayin’.
Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &

You can find the full document, “The Great Transition,” here:

Hooray — we’re off to Earthland! Have fun checking out this gem by Paul Raskin — the same gentleman who was involved in crafting “The Great Transition.” This has mad New Age vibes to it.

Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &
Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &

I presume that by now, most of you have heard of Agenda 21. It was the precursor to what is now known as “Agenda 2030.’

Sebs Solomon — Doom&Gloom HQ &]

Agenda 21

Without getting too much further into this specific presentation — the overall point here is that the WEF and the WSF — and the offshoots from both respective global groups, is quite controlled. You have bridge actors, like those within the Intellectual Dark Web, or — as we like to now call it (thanks Alice) — the “Intellectual Dork Web” — who facilitate discussions at a high-level with a very intentional tone that reflects “civility, unity, and a desire to better understand other perspectives.” Is that bad? Not at all. BUT — to think that it’s organic, at this point, completely negates the fact that controlled opposition is the playbook. The WSF was heavily involved in protests on the World Trade Organization in Seattle, the Occupy movements, various “democracy-focused” direct action groups operating all over the Global South — “solidarity movements” for Palestine, and beyond. If you thought BLM was the only corporate-esque controlled opposition — you need to look back in history and see what other movements have been, quite literally, controlled from the start. I’m not saying that the sentiments of many of the millions of people within these movements aren’t real, but when you are moving society on a certain trajectory, you have to keep the charade up. We’re fighting the good fight, right? Right…that’s why we always end up near the same place, if not a worse place, than the place the opposition always touts themselves as fighting for. Again — I don’t mean to go all over the place here — I’d highly suggest checking out our video from last night on The Great Transition, as well as last week’s video on the WEF vs. the WSF — and what may have happened to the lingering actors within the WSF as they’ve publicly “rebranded or disengaged,” after one of the leaders, as shown above, clearly indicated in his speech. Don’t forget, when programs or certain actors “disengage” — they’re likely just rebranding, moving underground, or shifting strategy.

If anything, it seems like the “opposition” forces to the World Economic Forum, at least in the alternative media sphere, is actually coming from the more “right-leaning” channels. It’s fascinating, when you think about it and grasp the roots of the controlled opposing force to the WEF — it stems from the “Green New Deal” people, if you will. The cultural tones behind these sentiments has changed — largely in part to the Intellectual Dark Web — hence why Sebs points out the Bret Weinstein connection here:

Sebs Solomon — Doom&GloomHQ &
Sebs Solomon — Doom&GloomHQ &

If you want another example of what we mean when we talk about the Intellectual Dark Web and its’ roots as a larger project in this transitory stage we’re in (it’s becoming so obvious at this point with all of the unity movements spurring out of this manufactured division that stemmed from the Trump era, by the way), here’s the first episode of the other Weinstein, Eric Weinsten, with none other than the great Peter Thiel (after all, Eric’s employed by Thiel Capital). Why would they be working on this “podcast project” if it weren’t for the unity movement? It’s one thing to talk with people you might disagree with — it’s quite another when it’s an entire ecosystem that’s been set up to foster a very controlled conversation within a paradigm that’s been established by the opposing forces, to keep the discussion within these parameters. I cannot emphasize how important it is to understand this in terms of where we are now in the media ecosystem. They make it sound so appealing — this “unity” thing — that if you dare question, you’ll just get dismissed as someone who is trying to be “divisive.” It’s quite annoying, to be honest. I’ll let Eric speak for himself, but if you listen to any of this podcast, please listen to the first 10 minutes. The framing here checks all of the boxes when we’re talking about controlled opposition conversations. Keep in mind, this is 2019 — variations of this project, however, started years before.

“The Portal — Peter Thiel, Episode 001: An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure” — July 2019

Going back to the Great Transition — I wanted to cover a couple specifics that I found from a corresponding document published in 2009 to the Great Transition — this was crafted by the nef — the new economic foundation (they use no caps — I had to follow suit, not a typo!) — just a reminder — the nef is the author of the OG Green New Deal (sorry, AOC didn’t write it) — “At the heart of this report [below], is a fundamental belief; the purpose of the economic system is to improve well-being for all within the limits of what the planet can sustain — to produce good-lives that don’t cost the Earth.”

Another great resource that I found in my research that corresponds with the overarching theme of the Sustainable Development Goals from The Brookings Institute & The Rockefeller Foundation — intended to help “crystalize” — or “go fully public” with the tasks involved in fostering and facilitating the Great Transition — it was published in 2020.

Some of the research that I did on this particular area within the greater picture led me to documents that — frankly, I wish I would’ve seen years ago. So much time has been, and will continue to be, spent on the changing “global order” in terms of global capital. I have a surprise for you — BRIC — and now BRICS — has been in the works for over two decades. Did they plan out exactly what the catalysts would be to help facilitate and normalize this? Sure — on a certain level, though not entirely so. When you can nudge people into a certain frame of thinking — the outcomes, as played out in their various scenarios, hover around the specific sentiments needed from society on a large scale to usher in new systems. Check out this McKinsey report that was released in 2010 on the “Great Rebalancing” — part of the “Great Transition.”

Why are they doing all of this, you might ask? Here’s some answers — in their own jargon, of course, as to why this Great Transition is needed:

You may be asking, what’s the overall point here? Well — between all of the research we’ve done on the WEF, the World Social Forum, the Transition movement, the New Age movements, theosophy, and the military/weaponization of all human life — it sure seems like this systemic domination — or rather, full spectrum domination, is “crystallizing” as we move into the next stage of the specific scenario that’s been picked for us to all play a role in. Fun, isn’t it? It’s one thing to have real feelings — real oppositions to global movements, specifically those that have come from the “neoliberal world/NATO” world order (not to absolve countries outside of this — sorry Russia, sorry China) — but the very specific move to show that there is something changing, in a sense, on a global level. I’ll sum it up with BRICS. However, it’s important to note that global actors within civil societies — many of whom are activists, channel their anger into preset groups and narratives, to corral real sentiments, emotions, and grievances, into a controlled opposing force. It keeps people thinking that they’re fighting the good fight — they use their “direct actions” in the street as clout or as a badge of honor, it seems — yet little do many of them know, they’re operating within the very same system they think they’re fighting. The opposition to the opposition is controlled. The opposition was always controlled. Sorry. Go have your 5 minutes of hate within your selected opposition group.

Like I mentioned at the very beginning — I will share more documents as I go — it might be daily, weekly — who knows. Both Sebs and myself are constantly sharing documents with one another, and in an attempt to “de-clutter” my browsers that are always running on my phone and computer, I figured sharing with all of you might be a mutual benefit. Have fun as you go down the rabbit holes — and I promise, if you check out Doom&Gloom, you’ll see that a lot of this makes sense in the bigger picture. There likely won’t be a ton of organization with these document dumps — but if you find something of interest, by all means, research away. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to look into, or ask Sebs about as well. Seriously — btw — thanks for all of your research on The Great Transition — so many interesting, revealing, and horrifying documents within that rabbit hole.

Til next time,